Apartaments in the city

We are in a perfect and strategic location to discover the most charming corners and areas of Pisa. Just a short walk from the Miracle Square and the Leaning Tower, and just a few minutes walk from the river Arno, the main museums and attractions and not least a few steps from the university center and hospitals.

Just name Pisa to think of the Leaning Tower, one of the most famous monuments in the world. However, Pisa is not only the Tower, but boasts an extraordinary complex of buildings known as the Miracle Square (with the magnificent cathedral, baptistery and the holy field), a beautiful medieval town and numerous architectural masterpieces. Even today, it is possible to admire some of the 10.000 towers that have been the backdrop to the characteristic 13th century panorama. Nestled on the banks of the Arno River, Pisa gave birth to Gailileo Galilei and hosts an important university, founded in 1338 and the Upper Normale School, inaugurated in 1813. In Pisa you can also admire the oldest botanical gardens in Europe. As an Etruscan settlement and Romanesque town, Pisa was part of the Longobard Empire and later of the Carolingian Empire before becoming part of Italy in 1861. The medieval period coincided with the culmination of the economic and political power of the city. Pisa was one of the four maritime republics before being annexed to the Ducato of Tuscany in 1406. The surrounding area is ideal for spending holidays in the Tuscan hills, trekking, relaxing on the beach and water sports on the coast.

Pisa is rich in ancient knowledge and modern knowledge.

These are the historical emblems used in the "Game of the Bridge" of the districts of the Republic of Pisa, still in use.

To the north of the river Arno the part called "Tramontana" with its six neighborhoods.

To the south of the river Arno the part called "Mezzogiorno" with its six neighborhoods.